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Guillermo MuñozGuillermo Muñoz
22:29 08 Jun 23
Impressive permanent availability, interest and personalized treatment. Chapeau!
Tito VivasTito Vivas
08:37 27 Apr 23
SOOF makes the investment process in photovoltaic self-consumption systems much safer, easier and more reliable. Their studies of the needs as well as the comparisons they make of the offers practically pave the tedious path that involves getting into these technologies. So recommendable that we no longer conceive of having made this investment without his advice.
robinson chavezrobinson chavez
17:16 26 Apr 23
Excellent treatment and good service. They helped me a lot with the search for the installation of solar panels
Pedro SerranoPedro Serrano
18:28 07 Mar 23
Miguel Martín thank you very much for all the advice, exceptional treatment.Recommended 100%.Great professional in the sector.
Totally recommended option. It is the best way to analyze and plan the installation of solar panels from a technical and non-commercial point of view.Soof's three proposals for our project were companies that do not subcontract work and with very competitive prices. The advisor for the project has been accompanying us at all times to make the best decision.It has been a great success.

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